About TF

The Tana River Fish Management (TF)- Deanučázádaga guolástanhálddahus in Sámi was established in March 2011 and is a local administrative body of the Tana River. The main tasks are of a private law character, like regulating the fishing, provide and organize River Policing during the fishing season, being responsible for operating and managing the revenues from the sale of fishing licenses. These tasks were previously assigned to state agencies.

The Tana River Fish Management also contributes to long-term conservation of fishery resources and participates in the cooperation with Finland on the management of the river.

Tana River Fish Management is organized with a group of nine members, where the local Salmon letter holders appoint five. The official Tana and Karasjok municipalities each appoint two representatives that are not in possession of Salmon letters. Those in possession of Salmon letters have a majority in the local administrative agency. The term of office is four years. The Chairperson and the deputy Chairperson are elected by the Tana River Fish Management.