Fishing season

You may buy a license for 6 days a week, from Monday at 18.00 o´clock to Sunday at 18.00 o´clock. The exception is the Tana river mouth zone where you may buy a license for every day i the week in a shorter season.

Local rightholders may fish with nets 3 days a week, from Monday at 18.00 o´clock to Thursday at 18.00 o´clock.

Fishing season

The fishing season starts at the 20th of May for local fishermen, and 1st of June for visitor anglers. In the river mouth zone the season starts at 15th of July.

The season ends the 31st of August, but visitor anglers are not allowed to catch salmon after 20th of August.

Fishing season for visitor anglers

Lower Norwegian part of river Tana


Norwegian tributaries


Border stretch          


Tana river mouth*    


*After the 10th of August visitor anglers are not permitted to buy a license for catching salmon in the Norwegian tributaries, or in the lower Norwegian part of river Tana. It is possible to buy a license for sea trout fishing in the lower Norwegian part of river Tana, from Tana bru to Tana river mouth, until 31st of august. ‘

In the Storfossen area there is a limitation zone in the period between 20th of June to 20th of July. Visitor anglers may only angle between 06.00 o´clock and 18.00 o´clock in the limitation zone. They may angle in the rest of the fising zone between  The end of the border stretch and up to Levajok fjellstue the entire fishing day.

Fishing zones in Storfossen/Alaköngäs. In the upper par visiting anglers are alowed to fish with spoon and wobblers. In the lower part (below Jalve, and down to Boratbokca a limited number of licenses are sold each day. The licenses are valid from 06:00 in the morning to 18:00 in the evening.