Fishing licenses for tourist anglers are available from midnight


The fishing zones at the border area

Today, the 11th of May, the fishing regulation for river Tana is made official at Norwegian side of the Tana river. There will be a limitation of numbers of anglers each day at the border area during the season. We will therefor make the licenses available for sale before the season. The sale begins at midnight between the 11th and 12th of May (Norwegian time).

New rules at the border area

At the border area, there are a maximum of 22 000 fishing days available during the season. This is a reduction with about 1/3 in comparison to last year. A maximum of 11 000 days are available in each country; that is 5 500 fishing days from boat, and 5 500 fishing days from shore. The days are further devided into 4 zones for boat fishing and 5 zones for fishing from shore (se tables below and map above). It is only the fishing days for the border area that are made available before the season.

Each license from Norwegian shore will cost 500 NOK each day.

Each Norwegian boat licenses will cost 800 NOK each day.

Numbers of licenses from Norwegian shore for tourst anglers at the differen fishing zone at the border area

Numbers of licenses for boatfishing sold from Norwegian side in the border area of river Tana.

Procedure for buying your license

  • Go to:
  • If you bought a license at Norwegian side of river Tana from Tana River Fish Management in 2016, you already have a FishermanID. Log in with your ID, or your phone number.
  • If you did not buy a fishing license at the Norwegian side last year you must “create a new fisherman”.
  • At your profile, you may buy licenses both for yourself and your fishing mate. Each angler/fisherman must have his own profile.
  • Before the license is active, you must go to one of our license salesmen and get you license activated. Before that you must pay the Norwegian fishing fee: Bring your receipt when you are going to our license salesmen.   

Fishing rules

  • The fishing license from shore is valid from 22:00 to 15:00 (Norwegian time)
  • The boat fishing license is valid 24 hours from 18:00 (Norwegian time). Between 18:00 and 06:00 tourist anglers must be accompanied by a local rower. In the Storfossen area between Boratbokča og Bildanguoika tourist anglers must be accompanied by a local rower at all time.

Overwiev of when tourist anglers may fish during the day in the border area (Norwegian time).

  • Each boat may fish with three rods. Each rod may have one fly or lure.
  • Tourist anglers may only fish with fly from shore. At following locations, they may also fish with lures at special marked areas:
    • Storfossen
    • Ailestrykene
    • Anárjohka above Matinköngas
  • In is not legal to use shrimps, fish or worms as bait.
  • There are larger protected areas close to salmon bearing tributaries; 200 m below and 200 above the tributary at both side of river Tana. No fishing is allowed both for boat fishing and fishing from shore in these areas. In following tributaries, the areas above and below is 300 m: Akujohka, Leavvajohka and Lákšjohka.
  • Following areas are also protected:
    • Closer than 50 m below a weir
    • 10 m beside the weir (boat fishing)
    • 10 m below a gillnet
    • From a bridge

Remember: all fishermen/anglers must report their catch, also if they did not fish, or did not catch any fish.