Research and monitoring

Yngel, feltarbeid

Monitoring salmon-fry in one of the small streams in the Tana Watercourse

The Norwegian Nature diversity act states that the management of salmon stock is to be based on knowledge. Norway has a special responsibility for the Atlantic salmon, as 1/3 of the stocks in the world today are Norwegian.

To assure a good knowledge based management, we recognize the importance of long-term monitoring programme. There are currently several ongoing research-, monitoring- and registration-projects in different parts of the Tana Watercourse.

There are established a permanent research and monitoring group for the Tana watercourse. The group consists of two scientist from Norway, and two from Finland. Their responsibility is to enhance the knowledge about the current stock status in river Tana. The survey-projects are aimed on mapping the different life stages and habitat of salmons, each project being a piece of the puzzle that is our total knowledge.

These are the currently ongoing projects:

–          The shell-project

–          Registration of permanent fishing-tools

–          Monitoring the movement of adult specimen and smolt output in the river. (Lakšjohka and Ohcejohka)

–          Research on Fry

–          Diver-counts of salmon

–          Modeling and mapping of salmon habitat

–          Test-fishing

–          Kolarctic

–          GenMix

–          Data analysis

–          Sea-trout telemetry