Fishing licenses

Everyone that would like to go fishing in the Tana Watercourse (main stem and tributaries) is required by law to purchase a fishing license before they enter the river for fishing purposes. Upon inspection by the river-guards, all anglers are required to present a valid fishing license along with a valid personal ID-card.

Buying a fishing license

Persons older than the age of 18 are required to pay the Norwegian State Fishing Fee, which you can buy online here.

If you are a visiting angler, you are also required to display a valid certification of disinfection of your fishing equipment. Read more about the disinfection procedure here.

Both local residents and visiting anglers that would like to fish at the border stretch or in the lower Norwegian part of Tana River may buy their licenses online:

  • Go to:
  • If you bought a license at Norwegian side of river Tana from Tana River Fish Management in 2016-17, you already have a FishermanID. Log in with your ID, or your phone number.
  • If you did not buy a fishing license at the Norwegian side last year you must “create a new fisherman”.
  • At your profile, you may buy licenses both for yourself and your fishing mate. Each angler/fisherman must have his own profile.
  • The license is valid only when printed/activated at one of the listed outlets.

Both local fishermen and visiting anglers can buy their fishing license at one of the listed outlets. The outlets at Finnish side may only sell licenses for the border area.

Persons who are not permanent residents in Norway are not allowed to fish in the Norwegian tributaries with the exception of the lower part of Kárášjohka (from the point of confluence of Kárášjohka and Anárjohka to the point of confluence of Iešjohka and Kárášjohka, meaning Kárášjohka below Skáidigeahči) (see map)

Licenses availeble order between Finland and Norway

At the border area, there are a maximum of 22 000 fishing days available for visiting anglers during the season. A maximum of 11 000 days are available in each country; that is 5 500 fishing days from boat, and 5 500 fishing days from shore. The days are further devided into following 4 zones for boat fishing and 3 zones for fishing from shore:

1. Grensen – Lákšjohka 2. Lákšjohka-Luosnjárgguoika 3. Luosnjárgguoika-Borsejohka 4. Tanaelva over Borsejohka 5. Anárjohka
Strandfiske 4 262 900 338
Båtfiske 490 1 994 1 788 1 228


Grenser for fiskesoner på riksgrensestrekningen av Tanavassdraget.Fishing zones of the lower part of the Tana-river:

  • The lower Norwegian part of Tana river: A total number of 1 600 fishing days is availeble. Note that the fishing season in the river mouth zone (estuary) is open only in the period 23rd of June to the 15th of September. The season for the license Lower Norwegian part is from the 10th of June to the 10th of August.
  • Langnes-Tanamunning: The river mouth area is also covered by the license lower Norwegian part. The fishing season in the river mouth is restricted to the period 23rd of June to the 15th of September. The license is also valid in the period 10th of August to the 15th of September from Tana bru to Tana River mouth. All salmon must be released after the 10th of August.

Fishing zones in the tributary rivers
(Note: you are not allowed to buy licenses in these zones if you are not a permanent Norwegian citizen)

  • Anárjohka, upper Norwegian part
  • Goššjohka
  • Kárášjohka below Skáidigeahči
  • Kárášjohka above Skáidigeahči
  • Bavvtajohka
  • Geaimmejohka
  • Iešjohka
  • Váljohka
  • Baisjohka
  • Leavvajohka
  • Lákšjohka
  • Polmakelva/Buolbmátjohka
  • Masjok/Máskejohka
  • Luftjok/Luovvtejohka

Prices (pr. licence)

Border area

  • Kr. 500,- Fishing from shore
  • Kr. 800,- Fishing from boat
  • Kr. 250,- Fishing form shore, 16-18 years old
  • Kr. 400,- Fishing form shore, 16-18 years old
  • Kr. 0,- Fishing license for kids up to 16 years old

Lower Norwegian part of Tana river

  • Kr. 500,- Fishing off the shoreline
  • Kr. 800,- Fishing from a boat
  • Kr 250,- Fishing from a boat and from the shoreline in Tana river mouth-Langnes
  • Kr. 100,- Youth, 16-18 years old
  • Kr. 0,- Fishing license for kids up to 16 years old

Norwegian tributaries

  • Kr 450,- Fishing from the shoreline – larger Norwegian tributaries.
  • Kr 350,- Fishing from the shoreline – smaller Norwegian tributaries.
  • Kr 650,- Fishing from a boat, 2 rods – larger Norwegian tributaries.
  • Kr. 100,- Youth, 16-18 years old
  • Kr. 0,- Fishing license for kids up to 16 years old

Overview of the tributary rivers are found here